Back Pain got me again!!!

7/28/ 11 I talk with people all the time telling them if they use the BackTRAX regularly chances are very good they can keep their back pain at bay.  As one who suffered with severe back pain for so many years, I got pretty complacent when I went for months without any pain.  Consequently, I quit using my BackTRAX regularly.  In fact, I started using it only when I was feeling some discomfort.  Boy am I sorry for that today!!  No, I didn’t do anything to aggravate my lower back (that I know of!) but I sure did!  So…  three times on the BackTRAX today so far, with some relief.  When you get that far away from being pain free – you have to go so much farther!  So… from this day forward I will use my BackTRAX religiously every day so I won’t have to experience the pain I’ve been feeling today.  I am confident I’ll get my back back – again – and will never take my pain free days for granted again!!  The BackTRAX truly can prevent, reduce or even eliminate back pain entirely… but you’ve got to use it!

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