upper back stretches

Do these stretches right now for quick relief…

1] Easy Chair Lower Back Stretch

This stretch is great for loosening up and working the muscles in your middle, upper, and lower back while stretching out your spine in a healthy way. Its an excellent way to treat upper back pain AND power back pain too!

Sit up straight in your favorite chair with your arms down to your side and your feet on the floor. While still keeping your posture straight, lean and tilt directly over to your side so the you feel the muscles in the opposite side of your upper back, as well as your lower back, begin to stretch. Stretch as far down to one side as possible, slowly, then repeat to the other side. Keep your arms to the side as you do this.

Again, do this back stretch on both sides at least 3-5  times in a row or until you begin to feel some relief. The relief from this exercise comes as a result of increased flow of bloog, waster, and nutrients to your back.

This upper back stretch feels great upon correct completion.

Try this once in your computer chair for 7 seconds right now.

2] Raised arm upper back stretch

This stretch is very similar to the chair stretch, only you are reaching your shoulders upwards as you tilt your ribs outward. Let me explain.

First you either stand or sit up straight. Then lift up one arm straight to the sky. Reach this arm directly upwards really high as though you are being pulled up by your arm. While doing so, raise that same shoulder upward while tilting your other shoulder in the opposite direction and tilting your rib cage outward on the same side as your raised arm.

In effect, what you ought to feel is a really nice stretch in the side of your body where your arm is raised, and the stretch will affect your ribs, your spine, and the muscles all along the side of your back. You may even feel your back pop. This is quite normal, as it releases tension in the muscles surrounding your spine, thus easing the flow of nutrients to your back muscles and spine which accelerates healing and relief from pain.

Do this stretch on each side at least once per day, and do more of these stretches as needed.

Try this for 7 seconds now.

As you can see and feel, these stretches can really help lose the back pain naturally. These stretches are so effective that I actually did them just now while writing this article to you.