Back Stretching with BackTRAX recommended by University Coach

Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Paulsen of the University of New Mexico recommends the BackTRAX to his athletes.  In his own words…

I was introduced to the BackTRAX product by Crystal Felice who is a local rep. Having been a competitive athlete myself and one who has spent over 30 years working with and preparing athletes for high level competition the common denominator from an injury perspective usually centers on back issues. Crystal was kind enough to allow me to try one of the BackTRAX and I could immediately feel a stretch occurring amongst my vertebrae in areas where traditional stretching simply never reached. With a little consistency I have now realized vastly improved mobility and a significant reduction in the daily pain I had become accustomed to. I now recommend the BackTRAX to not only those with back problems but anyone who has enough forethought to want to avoid future back problems.  The beauty is that the product itself costs about the same as one chiropractic adjustment!  Give it a try.








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