Lower Back Pain Therapy




The easy-to-use natural back pain relief product—the BackTRAX®—can provide instant back pain relieffor many sufferers. But for the majority of those who’ve been living with chronic lower back pain, lasting relief may take more time.

But longer therapy treatment for lower back pain with the BackTRAX® is simple, convenient and all-natural.

How to Use the BackTRAX®

The BackTRAX® is a simple, durable molded piece with no moving parts. Using it is simple—all you do is lay down so that your back curvature aligns with the curvature of the BackTRAX®. One side stretches and aligns your upper back; the other stretches and aligns your lower back. It’s all explained in the instructional DVD.

The ridged design triggers specific pressure points to relieve back pain as you stretch tensed muscles and decompress discs, which allows for increased blood flow and hydration, and naturally realigns your spine.

Regular Recommended Use

Effective lower back pain therapy with the BackTRAX® involves using the device as instructed just a few minutes per day on each side.

Although pain relief results vary based on each person’s condition, sticking to this regimen usually yields significant pain reduction in two to six weeks. Many people notice other health benefits from the few minutes of pain-free relaxation that their BackTRAX® therapy provides.


Many back pain sufferers experience complete lower back pain relief through BackTRAX® therapy. To stay pain free, it’s best to maintain your back health by using the BackTRAX® for a few minutes each week. If some household tasks or accidents reintroduce lower back pain, you can ramp up your lower back pain therapy again by using the BackTRAX® for two minutes or more each day.

To start your own lower back pain therapy regimen, contact us for a risk free trial of the BackTRAX®.

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