Chiropractors talk about back pain relief with the BackTRAX

2/22/12  The BackTRAX is a stable, durable product that is cost effective, easy to use, and provides immediate pain relief!  It is very effective at hydrating the discs.  I recommend the BackTRAX  to people with back pain.”   –  Eitan Aldad, Doctor of Chiropractic

As a Chiropractor I have seen many different apparatus to relieve back pain.  TheBackTRAX is among the best at decompressing and helping realign the spine, relaxing tense muscles and just generally helping to relieve back pain.  It is affordable, portable and quick and easy to use, which puts it at the top of my list!  Anyone who suffers from back pain should give this a try.  On a personal note, I use the BackTRAX because it works!  I can now chop wood and play golf without my back hurting for weeks afterward.”  – Richard W. Burrhas, Doctor of Chiropractic

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