Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief

Back view of female with back pain

Back view of female with back pain

6 of 10 people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. For many, pain relief comes naturally within a few weeks. For others, they suffer with chronic lower back pain for years. It can be debilitating—keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities, limiting your abilities at work and dampening your spirits.

Chronic lower back pain doesn’t have to be your reality for ever. Chronic back pain relief is possible with the BackTRAX®.

Causes of Chronic Lower Back Pain

Lower back muscle strains, spasms and tension are the most common causes of chronic lower back pain. However, bulging and herniated discs and age- or disease-related disc degeneration are also often responsible for lingering back pain.

Chronic Back Pain Relief

Whether lower back muscle pain or pressure on spinal nerves is the cause of your chronic low back pain, the BackTRAX® can provide real and lasting relief.

By naturally realigning your spine, stretching tense muscles, decompressing discs and allowing increased blood flow to the spinal column, the BackTRAX® helps you get your back back and get back to your active life.

One Amazing Story

The BackTRAX® really can help you achieve chronic back pain relief…and we have proof.

Juanita Yates of California suffered from chronic low back pain and sciatica for longer than she cared to remember. Her pain was so severe she was almost completely bedridden for three years! After trying other treatments and remedies, Juanita decided to try the BackTRAX®.

Within 1½ weeks of using this natural back pain relief product, Juanita was back on her feet!

A faithful user of the BackTRAX® for lower back therapy, Juanita has been virtually pain free for nearly two years now.

Juanita’s story is amazing, but it’s not the only one. Hundreds of people around the country have started living lives free of chronic low back pain by using the BackTRAX®. Hear some of their stories for yourself.

If you’re ready to experience life without lower back muscle and nerve pain, contact us today to try BackTRAX® risk free!