Finally…Relief from Constant Back Pain!

2/15/12  We received a letter a man who could not find relief from his back pain anywhere!

His exact words:
Over the past 4 -5 years I have attempted numerous treatments and approaches to dealing with my chronic back pain and discomfort.  I have received spinal injections to deal with constant pain; I have sought chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and pain medications.  I was informed that I am not a candidate for back surgery, and so was left to just “deal with it”.  While attending a convention with a friend, my wife was seated next to someone in a booth featuring your simple device and in talking about my back, it was suggested that I try this to see if I might receive relief where other treatments did not seem to help long-term.  That was 3 or 4 months ago; I daily use the BackTRAX early morning and at my office (usually in the afternoon).  I can tell you that my overall well being is greatly improved from this regular use.  My gait is far less unsteady and painful now, after several months of this very simple treatment.  I feel it is extremely important to be disciplined in using it daily; if I miss one or two occasions, I immediately feel it.  I am extremely grateful that a coincidental meeting has brought me relief where many years of searching and many dollars spent, did not.  I am happy to recommend this product.

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