Massage Therapist shares views on BackTRAX and Spinal Health

2/27/12  This from a Medical Massage Therapist of 32 years…

FINALLY!  A device for back pain that really works!

This letter is in strong support of the BackTRAX device designed to manage back pain.  Having been a Medical Massage Therapist for 32 years, and specializing in physical rehabilitation for trauma due to motor vehicle and work related injuries, this simple and inexpensive device is EXACTLY what is needed in the rehabilitation process.  It can provide the decompression and hydration of the discs, decrease nerve compression or impingement; provide trigger point release, enhance stimulation of blood flow and energy flow through the spinal column; and greatly enhance the body’s potential for healing and repairing neuromuscular soft tissue; as well as osteo and disc related injuries or post surgical conditions.

This device has a prophylactic benefit as well as a rehabilitative benefit, and should be used to optimize not only spinal care, but optimal physical health and disease prevention brought about by electrical energy flow ONLY optimized by spinal nerves, uninhibited by spinal and or muscle dysfunction.

I recommend the BackTRAX to people that have back pain, or are smart enough to want to prevent it!


Joyce Gilbert, LMT


Accident Recovery Group, LLC

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