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couple_beachThose who face back pain of any intensity travel various avenues to find the effective pain relief they need. One of the biggest problems with many of the relief methods available is that they simply treat the symptoms of back pain rather than the cause. At Get Your Back Back®, our back pain experts understand how stressful the pain can be without some type of relief. For this reason, we offer theBackTRAX® stretching and relaxation product to target the pain at its root and provide the natural back pain relief you need.

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The BackTRAX® is designed to provide effective chronic back pain relief in just minutes per day. With its specifically placed ridges and pressure points, our device realigns your spine, decompresses and hydrates your discs, and fully stretches and relaxes your spine and muscles.
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In addition to its pain-relieving qualities, the BackTRAX® is unlike other natural back pain relief products in that it is lightweight, portable, and assembly-free. It can support up to 400 pounds and is accompanied by a 60-day money back guarantee.

After extensive testing and medical reviewing, the BackTRAX® has been approved by physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and homeopathic physicians. If used twice a day, morning and evening, for just 1-5 minutes, you will begin feeling results within the first minutes, days, or weeks depending on your body’s natural makeup and your individual condition.

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Before you invest your time, money, and body into pills, shots, or surgery to find chronic back pain relief, give the BackTRAX® a chance. It has enabled those suffering from sciatica, muscle spasms, sports injuries, herniated discs, lower back pain, and tension headaches to return to a pain-free life. Contact Get Your Back Back® to order the BackTRAX® and start feeling great and living normally.

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