Benefits of our BackTrax® Back Stretcher

The BackTrax® is a revolutionary product designed to reduce or eliminate chronic sciatica and, or back pain caused by spinal compression, herniated discs, or just plain hard work! This portable device allows your spine and surrounding muscles to fully stretch, relax and tone.

Lightweight, compact and portable. This lumbar stretching device is a single, durable device and has been effectively weight tested to 400 pounds.

The device has specific ridges and pressure points designed to align the spine, eliminate disc pressure off the nerves, hydrate the discs and improve blood flow, with a balanced stretch of the muscles surrounding the spine.

Use just minutes a day and feel the difference!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that our BackTRAX® stretching and relaxation device will prevent, reduce, or eliminate your back pain.  If you are not fully satisfied, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND!

What it Works For…

– Lumbar Stretches
– Lumbar Traction Device
– Lumbar Extender
– Back Stretcher
– Back Stretcher Equipment
– Spinal Decompression Machine
– Spinal Decompression at Home


– Sciatica Pain
– Spinal Compression
– Upper & Lower Back Pain
– Herniated Discs
– Pinched Nerves from Spinal Compression
– Disc Pressure
– Spinal Stenosis
– Spinal Degeneration
– Muscle Spasms

Designed to reduce or eliminate back pain, the BackTrax® Back Stretcher is a revolutionary product that will greatly enhance quality of life.