Relieve Muscle Spasms

sb10063600at-001-300x200In its most generic form, a muscle spasm is a painful involuntary contraction of a muscle that occurs suddenly and resolves quickly. Spasms can occur in any of the body’s muscles including heart, skeletal, or smooth muscles. Back muscle pain in particular, caused by spasms, plagues many hard-working adults and can be extremely difficult to handle when left untreated.

Causes of Back Muscle Pain and Spasms

Muscle spasms in the back, especially lower back, are often seen in athletes and those who complete laborious work such as construction. When muscles in the back are overused, overstretched, held in one place for lengths of time, or directly injured, the muscle cells become dehydrated. Dehydration causes hyperexcitability resulting in a painful contraction.

When athletes or workers experience muscle spasms in their back, it is often the direct effect of strenuous activity in a hot environment. Large muscles generally spasm more regularly since the majority of the demanding activity affects them the most.

Effects of the BackTRAX®

If you are suffering from painful back muscle spasms, Get Your Back Back® has the pain relief product you need to prevent and alleviate your back muscle pain: the BackTRAX®. Our product was designed to fully stretch and relax the spine and surrounding muscles that have been overworked and dehydrated from excessive use. After using the BackTRAX® for just minutes per day, individuals have reported immediate relief to their back muscle pain within a few hours up to a few weeks.

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