Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief

Does the pain, burning, numbness, or tingling in your lower back and upper buttock extend down the back of your thighs and legs? This may be a symptom of a serious condition called sciatica and should be diagnosed by a trained medical professional.


What is Sciatica?100413033-199x300

Simply put sciatica is a pain in your lower body resulting from an irritation of the sciatic nerve—the largest nerve in the body. This irritation is generally caused by the pressure from aherniated disc pressing on the nerve but can also be a result of an abnormal intervertebral disc (radiculopathy), pressure from an adjacent bone, tumors, internal bleeding, infections, pregnancy, and injuries.

When your sciatica has become too difficult to handle and you need sciatica pain relief that truly works, the pain relief specialistsat Get Your Back Back® can provide you with the natural pain relief you’re looking for.

How Does the BackTRAX® Help Sciatica?

In an effort to address the underlying cause of your sciatic nerve pain, doctors have typically recommended sciatica stretching, medication to relieve inflammation, and surgery in serious cases. At Get Your Back Back®, we offer a natural sciatica pain relief measure designed to decompress the herniated discs and relieve the pressure on your sciatic nerve. Our BackTRAX® stretching and relaxation device can help you overcome the intense pain of sciatica and get you back on your feet pain free.

Through sciatica stretching, spine realigning, and disc rehydrating and decompressing, our BackTRAX® at Get Your Back Back®can effectively reduce or eliminate your sciatic nerve pain in just minutes a day. If your pain is not reduced or eliminated in 60 days, return it for a full refund. Contact us for more information about our revolutionary sciatica pain relief device.

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