The BackTRAX® at Your Service

At the doctor's office

At the doctor’s office

Living with back pain is hard. But getting real back pain relief doesn’t have to be. The BackTRAX®natural back pain relief product is convenient and easy to use. But more importantly, it provides many valuable back pain relief services every time you use it.

What the BackTRAX® Does

When you use the BackTRAX®, you are essentially re-training your spine to take back its natural curvature. The BackTRAX® has curves that support your spine’s natural shape, and its ridged design triggers specific pressure points to provide immediate pain relief.

While you use the BackTRAX®, you are simultaneously:

  • Stretching tense muscles.Muscles that may have been injured or responding to changes elsewhere in the body may actually be keeping your spine out of alignment. Relaxing your muscles during the gentle stretching exercises for your lower back pain helps your spine naturally realign.
  • Decompressing your discs.Spinal decompression allows more space between vertebrae, which givesbulging and herniated discs room to return to their natural shape and position.
  • Hydrating your discs.Stretching and spinal decompression stimulate the flow of spinal fluid and blood to your back, providing lubrication and increased blood flow to your spinal column, and that promotes healing.

Realigning your spine the way it’s supposed to be takes pressure off the spinal nerves, and that’s what allows for pain relief.

Long-Term Benefits of the BackTRAX®

When you use the BackTRAX® regularly for lower back pain therapy, you can experience significant and long-lasting relief from:

And even if you become completely pain free, continuing to use the BackTRAX®will help you maintain your back health.

Not everything in life is hard. Real and lasting back pain relief is easy with the BackTRAX®. And it’s easy to try with our risk-free 60-day money back guarantee.Contact us today!

What do you have to lose but your back pain? Order Now!