Stretching Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

If you’ve seen a chiropractor because of chronic lower back pain, chances are you’ve also been given a number of stretching exercises for lower back pain relief between visits. But when you have lower back pain, those exercises and stretches aren’t easy, and the amount of time it takes to complete the routine can make sticking to it even more difficult.

Stretching exercises for lower back pain relief do not have to be difficult. With the BackTRAX® natural back pain relief product, you can effectively stretch and strengthen your back muscles without the awkward poses and painful holds.

Lower Back Pain and Your Muscles

The muscles, ligaments and tendons in your lower back have a big job to do: they have to stabilize your lumbar vertebra as these bones bear the weight of your body and forces from movement and external impacts. Sometimes, the burden is too much, and the result is strains, tension and spasms.

Relieving lower back pain caused by muscle tension, strains or spasms can often be achieved through exercise and stretches.

The problem with lower back pain exercises is that your back already hurts…and sometimes stretching exercises make it hurt more. So how can you get lower back pain relief?

Pain Free Stretching Exercises

For lower back pain relief without the pain of holding your legs and arms at odd angles, use the BackTRAX®.

The BackTRAX® is a solid and balanced stretching platform that supports your spine’s natural curvature. By laying on the BackTRAX®and extending your arms over your head, you naturally stretch your back muscles to relieve tension and allow your spine to return to its natural alignment.

If your lower back pain is so severe that your movement is limited, that’s okay! Our instructional DVD shows you how to safely use the BackTRAX® and how to modify your position so that you minimize discomfort as you work towards the full lower back pain exercise.

The ridged design of the BackTRAX® triggers specific pressure points to provide immediate pain relief, often making the BackTRAX® effective even before you can fully engage in lower back pain stretching exercises.

The BackTRAX® provides convenient, easy-to-use and virtually pain free stretching exercises for lower back pain relief. It even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Contact us today to try the BackTRAX® risk free!

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