FINALLY! A device for back pain that really works!

This letter is in strong support of the BackTRAX® device designed to manage back pain.  Having been a Medical Massage Therapist for 32 years, and specializing in physical rehabilitation for trauma due to motor vehicle and work related injuries, this simple and inexpensive device is EXACTLY what is needed in the rehabilitation process.  It can provide the decompression and hydration of the discs, decrease nerve compression or impingement; provide trigger point release, enhance stimulation of blood flow and energy flow through the spinal column; and greatly enhance the body’s potential for healing and repairing neuromuscular soft tissue; as well as osteo and disc related injuries or post-surgical conditions.

This device has a prophylactic benefit as well as a rehabilitative benefit, and should be used to optimize not only spinal care, but optimal physical health and disease prevention brought about by electrical energy flow ONLY optimized by spinal nerves, uninhibited by spinal and or muscle dysfunction.

I recommend the BackTRAX® to people that have back pain, or are smart enough to want to prevent it!


Joyce Gilbert, LMT
Accident Recovery Group, LLC

I need to advise you of the success I am having with the BackTRAX®. The product has helped patients with back pain, thoracic and lumbar issues as I expected. The interesting fact is the success with scoliosis clients. I am getting patient feedback that discusses benefits in relieving lumbar scoliosis pain. My next task is to use the device on thoracic scoliosis. I have recommended the BackTRAX® to all my patients and will continue to do that. Sincerely, – Harold Steinberg, DC, CCN, DACBN. Santa Fe, NM

I was introduced to the BackTRAX® product by Crystal Felice who is a local rep. Having been a competitive athlete myself and one who has spent over 30 years working with and preparing athletes for high level competition the common denominator from an injury perspective usually centers on back issues. Crystal was kind enough to allow me to try one of the BackTRAX® and I could immediately feel a stretch occurring amongst my vertebrae in areas where traditional stretching simply never reached. With a little consistency I have now realized vastly improved mobility and a significant reduction in the daily pain I had become accustomed to. I now recommend the BackTRAX® to not only those with back problems but anyone who has enough forethought to want to avoid future back problems. The beauty is that the product itself costs about the same as one chiropractic adjustment! Give it a try. – Mark Paulsen, Director of Athletic Performance, University of New Mexico

My name is Darshan Shanti. I am the President of Freedom Incorporated, Inc. I am the author of several books, including, The 24 Hour Champion – Discovering AND Living Your Priceless Life.

I am taking time out of my very busy schedule to write this testimonial letter for the BackTRAX®.

Something happened to cause my lower back to go out and it sent me into a tailspin of problems. I was in agony and could barely bend over and every step I took was painful.

The great news was that I happened to be just a few feet away from a demonstration of the BackTRAX®. The sign said, “Relieve your back pain now.” I said to myself, if this is going to work, it’s going to work now and I’ll find out right away.

My back was extremely tight and one of the benefits of the BackTRAX® was that it would loosen the tightness as well. As I laid on the BackTRAX®, within a couple of minutes (as promised) it began to feel better, get looser and I had more mobility. I turned it around and laid on it to help my lower back where the real issue was. Once again, it started stretching it out and really loosening it. The pain started to go away and I could move much easier.

When I was done in less than 5 minutes, I felt like a new man. I sprung off the table and bent over several times rapidly. If I hadn’t have just experienced it, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I bought it on the spot. The real kicker is that I felt so good, I walked home (about 3 miles) carrying it.

I use it regularly for my back’s maintenance. It’s saved me many, many trips to the chiropractor. The BackTRAX® was an absolute miracle for me. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my entire back. – Darshan Shanti, The 24 Hour Champion

Over the past 4 -5 years I have attempted numerous treatments and approaches to dealing with my chronic back pain and discomfort. I have received spinal injections to deal with constant pain; I have sought chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and pain medications. I was informed that I am not a candidate for back surgery, and so was left to just “deal with it”. While attending a convention with a friend, my wife was seated next to someone in a booth featuring your simple device and in talking about my back, it was suggested that I try this to see if I might receive relief where other treatments did not seem to help long-term. That was 3 or 4 months ago; I daily use the BackTRAX® early morning and at my office (usually in the afternoon). I can tell you that my overall well being is greatly improved from this regular use. My gait is far less unsteady and painful now, after several months of this very simple treatment. I feel it is extremely important to be disciplined in using it daily; if I miss one or two occasions, I immediately feel it. I am extremely grateful that a coincidental meeting has brought me relief where many years of searching and many dollars spent, did not. I am happy to recommend this product. – R Cox, NM

“I have suffered with back pain for many years and really didn’t believe anything could help. After using the BackTRAX® for a few months, I am happy to say that the BackTRAX® has helped me quite a bit.” – Vaughn Wagner, KY

The BackTRAX® is a stable, durable product that is cost effective, easy to use, and provides immediate pain relief!  It is very effective at hydrating the discs.  I recommend the BackTRAX® to people with back pain.” – Eitan Aldad, Doctor of Chiropractic

You rock! Thanks for saving my back, my body and getting me out of pain within minutes. – Darshan Shanti, Author – The 24 Hour Champion.

The BackTRAX® is terrific! I use it twice a day. My back has not hurt since I starting using it. What a life saver. Thank you very much!  Best Regards, – Mike Koren, Las Vegas, NV

The BackTRAX® is amazing, it keeps my back from hurting at all! – Jamie W., FL

I’m a 37 year old Contractor so I’m up and down ladders all day. For several years now my back has hurt so badly that I’m useless when I get home at night. I have a small son who wants to rough house with me and I just couldn’t. One of my customers told me about the BackTRAX® so I decided to try it. After a couple of months I had to make a special trip to my customer to tell him my back actually doesn’t hurt any more. I can’t recommend it highly enough!  – Brian, Hemet, CA

Wish I had a BackTRAX® years ago – my back pain is gone! – Denise B, NY

As a Chiropractor I have seen many different apparatus to relieve back pain.  The BackTRAX® is among the best at decompressing and helping realign the spine, relaxing tense muscles and just generally helping to relieve back pain.  It is affordable, portable and quick and easy to use, which puts it at the top of my list!  Anyone who suffers from back pain should give this a try.  On a personal note, I use the BackTRAX® because it works!  I can now chop wood and play golf without my back hurting for weeks afterward.”  – Richard W. Burrhas, Doctor of Chiropractic

“Best product I have found to help with back pain!” – Brad G, MO

It started with a sharp jabbing pain in my right buttocks.  Within a few months it was a constant throb.  Three years later I was in constant pain and nothing would help.  I could not sit, stand, go up or down stairs or lie down in any position without excruciating pain.  There were times I would just sit and cry the pain was so constant, so intense with absolutely no relief.  Then I tried the BackTRAX® for just one minute every other day.  Just three times a week and within a week I was pain free!  It has been over 18 months now and I am still pain free.  I continue to use the BackTRAX® once or twice a week to relieve the tension and stress, and prevent a recurrence of that horrible sciatica. I would recommend it to anyone.   – Juanita Yates, Grass Valley, CA

I cannot believe that a product, that is not a big investment, can take away pain in less than five minutes.  I could actually feel the pain disappearing using the BackTRAX®. I’m a believer.  – DJ Heckes, NM

I can’t believe it really works, but it does!! Thank you BackTRAX®! – Jeannie W, CA

I have been having back problems for a while now, so something that would help relieve the pain, I was interested in. Naturally I was very skeptical, so after storing the BackTRAX® for several weeks, I decided after a particularly painful night to try it – and to my surprise I did get some relief. But I was not sure if it was the unit or the pain killers.  About a week later I played 18 holes of golf, need I mention my back was killing me. I got on the BackTRAX® and could not believe how much better my back felt. This time I knew it wasn’t the pain killers because I had none! Since then I use it every night before bed. I sleep better and wake up without the pain. Unbelievable!!!  – Curtis W.Younger –  AZ

After just 2 weeks using the BackTRAX® my chronic back pain is gone. Unbelievable!” – Brenda R, IL

I have SEVERE lower back pain, especially when I wake up in the morning. One… count ‘em ONE time on the BackTRAX® and I had no pain for weeks! It cut my need for prescription pain relievers in half. I’m a believer! – Michael Lyles – NM

Your BackTRAX® is amazing!  I got locked up with my back and a friend suggested I try it.  Just a few short times stretching on it and I was good as new!  Now I stretch out three times a week and it keeps my back for hurting at all!  I love it!  – Jami G, NM

Your BackTRAX® really works! My back hasn’t hurt since I started using it. – Kevin B, NM

Just minutes a day on the BackTRAX®and my low back pain is gone! Wow. – Jim W, CA

It’s so easy to use, goes anywhere and it works so fast. I strongly recommend the BackTRAX® to people with back pain! – John C, FL

I have suffered from low back pain and sciatica for several years now and have triedeverything short of surgery.  I’ve done the stretching, the exercise balls, core strengthening, muscles stimulation therapy, acupuncture, even shots in my spine.  The pain at times was so excruciating it was impossible to do anything.  As someone who does not deal well with pain, I resorted to pain pills.  Strong ones.  Percocet to be exact.  I have been taking them nearly every day for 3 years.  I was introduced to the BackTRAX® by a family friend, and within a few short weeks was actually able to go without “my pills” for the first time in years.  I now have a healthy and easy way to stay pain free.   – Crystal Felice – NM

From Crystal’s Licensed Massage Therapist…

I knew Crystal a few years back when she was in a physical crisis as well as a corresponding emotional crisis.  She had recently experienced a pretty bad fall and was suffering from extreme sciatic nerve pain as well as muscle tension and spasms throughout her back, neck and shoulders.  She was in such a critical state we had to do intense body work three times a week for months to get her back to a reasonable level of functioning.  It’s been awhile since I have seen Crystal as I moved on to other ventures for a time.  I recently returned to America’s Massage and saw Crystal at a recent appointment.  I would swear I was working on a different person!  Crystal explained she has been using the BackTRAX® for several months, and that is has made a tremendous difference with her chronic back pain.  From what I could see by working on Crystal, this is truly an amazing product!  – Lupe Torrez – America’s Massage – Albuquerque, NM

Just one time on the BackTRAX® and no more pain. Amazing. – John L, NV

The BackTRAX® succeeded where everything else failed. Thank you! – Rob W, CA

Ever since I injured my lower back thirty years ago I have had to be very watchful of the physical activities I get involved in. A round of golf laid me up for 2 days once. I have problems exercising without pain in my lower back. Long hours at the computer will do me in as well. About a year ago my dad showed me the BackTRAX® that supposedly helped ease back problems such as mine. I was skeptical but gave it a try. To my amazement, within only a few moments of lying on it my lower back discomfort was greatly relieved. I told him I had to have this thing and to this day he swears I stole it from him! Anyway, I packed it in my suitcase and have been using it ever since. I even take it with me on business trips to relax after a day on the road. The BackTRAX® is quick and easy, relieves my back pain and also provides good support for core strengthening exercises, something I never considered doing prior to using this product. It’s great! – James L., Normal, ILL

I’ve cleaned houses for 28 years which puts great strain on my low back and have spent a lot of money on pain pills and treatments for over 20 years.  Since I got the BackTRAX®I have a lot less pain, have needed fewer chiropractic visits, no pain pills, and I can even sit in soft furniture without pain!  I really love this thing!  – Tracy Greer, NM

I used the BackTRAX® for pain in my lower back and I must say, it really works!  – Betty L, NM

I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks and it works great!  I advise anyone who just had a baby to get one.  It’s amazing how much it has helped my back from hurting.  Thank you so much!!  – Amanda Russell, NM

I have created a habit of using the BackTRAX® before leaving home each morning before 8AM and after returning home from a full day of work in my office, mostly at my desk. At the age of 62; 77 inches tall; weight of 245 lbs.  and two herniated discs in my lower back, I have had back pain daily. I have been using the BackTRAX® for a month and experiencing very little back pain and believe that in a short period of time my back pain will be no more by using the BackTRAX® twice daily for less than five (5) minutes.  Easy to use and you always will have time to use the BackTRAX® daily. My formula: take 3 minutes to prevent 540 minutes of back pain. – Sincerely, L. Elkins, LBB, TX

I won’t leave home without my BackTRAX®!  I love not having back pain anymore – Sarah L, MO

I’m so glad I got my BackTRAX®. Life is so much better without pain! – Paul S, OH

Last week I kinked my back. It happened as I was twisting to pick up a small item. I knew it was a muscle issue as it has happened before. It loosened up a bit as I moved around. The next morning I could hardly get out of bed. I had ordered the BackTRAX® for several other people I knew with back issues. They said it has helped them. I haven’t needed one up to this point. I called up the rep and bought one for myself. As soon as I got it home started using it. Just as the video describes I started out with the upper back stretch and it felt really good. I then switched to the lower back maneuver. I did the same series again that night before I went to bed. I slept better that night and wasn’t near as sore when I woke up. I used it again that morning and my back felt great the rest of the day. I am now using it twice a day.  The BackTRAX® really worked for me and although my back is feeling great I am still using it twice a day. The stretching feels great. I would recommend this device for every one with similar back issues. – Hal B., NM

I have been facing severe back ache for years.  I’m feeling a little better and better now and the BackTRAX® is helping a lot. Have a great day!  – Brs, Ramen, France

My back feels so much better it’s amazing – Cathy S, IN

I am an avid tennis player so stretching is a big part of my routine. I use the BackTRAX® everyday to keep my back limber and avoid injuries. I am a believer!” – David V, NM

I have a lot less pain now because of the BackTRAX®. Thank you!  David M, FL